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Why proteomics?

Proteomics aims at understanding the proteome by enabling the unbiased and large-scale study of proteins. Watch the video to understand why next generation proteomics should be the technology of choice in studies involving multiplexed protein quantification.

Biognosys Technology

Biognosys is the leading proteomics company offering services and tools for highly multiplexed protein quantification.

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Biognosys Services

We provide services for high-content protein quantification from any species in any biological matrix.

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Biognosys Products

For researchers with access to mass spectrometers we offer a variety of tools that empower researchers to bring next-generation proteomics in-house.

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Biognosys Online Shop

You are welcome to purchase our standardized products for Next-Generation Proteomics in our online shop.

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Biognosys in the world

Biognosys maintains its global presence with two offices worldwide, a headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and an US office in Boston, MA.

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What is Biognosys

We believe that the decoding of the proteome will impact life science more than the genome revolution a decade ago. We provide innovative services and products for protein quantification using cutting edge technology. We strive to be the company that provides the best possible solutions to support researchers in their protein analysis needs.

A new generation of protein quantification technology

"Revolutions in science have often been preceded by revolutions in measurement" (Sinan Aral, NYU)

Our next generation technology quantifies proteins with unbeatable precision and depth. The solution is based on mass spectrometry based targeted proteomics technology, which provides simultaneous quantification for thousands of proteins in a single experiment.

Our Mission: Providing superior proteomics solutions to researchers

We at Biognosys are more than our own research. We make next-generation proteomics widely available with our contract research services and with our portfolio of innovative reagent and software products. Biognosys was founded in 2008 and is a privately held company in Zurich, Switzerland. Originally an ETH Zurich spin-off from the lab of Prof. Ruedi Aebersold, Biognosys is a pioneer in the field of proteomics and caters to the Pharma, Biotech, Diagnostics and Agricultural industries.


Let us help you do great proteomics!

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