Plasma Proteomics Services for Deep and High-Throughput Biomarker Discovery

Biognosys Unveils Enhanced Plasma Proteomics Services for Deep and High-Throughput Biomarker Discovery

    • New plasma enrichment method unlocks depth of up to 7,000 proteins 
    • Tailored combinations of depth and throughput address diverse research needs 
    • Seamless transition from discovery to targeted proteomics allows rapid validation of biomarker candidates 


ZURICH, Switzerland and NEWTON, Massachusetts, March 20, 2024. Biognosys, a leader in next-generation proteomics solutions for drug discovery and development, announced today the release of enhanced plasma proteomics workflows for its TrueDiscovery® unbiased discovery proteomics research services platform. The new workflows leverage an innovative plasma enrichment method, delivering deep proteome coverage with exceptional data quality, reproducibility, and efficiency. The platform empowers biopharma researchers with unique combinations of depth and throughput to address a diverse range of biological questions and study requirements. 

The TrueDiscovery® platform now offers a depth of up to 7,000 protein groups in plasma or serum. The release also includes a new, deep high-throughput workflow with a depth of up to 4,500 protein groups, enabling proteome profiling with unmatched turnaround times in large-scale studies. 

Roland Bruderer, Ph.D., Biognosys’ Head of R&D LC-MS and Workflows commented: With our innovative plasma enrichment method, combined with our highly optimized DIA workflows and machine learning-augmented data analysis in Spectronaut®, we once again push the boundaries of depth and throughput that can be achieved with our TrueDiscovery platform in plasma.”  

The combinations of depth and throughput that we now achieve with mass spectrometry proteomics were completely out of reach until recently,” added Oliver Rinner, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of Biognosys. “I am thrilled about the impressive performance gains we are seeing with plasma enrichment and the further innovation potential this method still holds for making the plasma proteome truly actionable in large-scale, clinical studies. 

In addition to plasma and serum, Biognosys’ TrueDiscovery® platform is also applicable in any other sample type, offering unprecedented proteome coverage of 13,800 proteins in tissues and 10,200 proteins in cell cultures. With Biognosys’ TrueSignature® custom targeted proteomics panels, promising candidates identified in discovery research can be quickly validated with absolute protein quantification, maintaining the reliability of the results. 

About TrueDiscovery®


The Biognosys TrueDiscovery platform offers integrated proteomics solutions across the entire drug development pipeline.

TrueDiscovery is powered by Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM™) mass spectrometry, an advanced Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)-based protein quantification technology co-invented and patented by Biognosys.

TrueDiscovery is the only platform that searches the complete proteome to quantify thousands of the most relevant proteins, including an unlimited number of proteoforms. The platform enables the deepest unbiased profiling of tissue and biofluids proteomes with unbeatable specificity on a large scale. The generated data are highly reproducible and easily transferrable to clinical assays. Studies can be performed in compliance with GCP guidelines. For more information, visit


About Biognosys


At Biognosys, we believe that deep proteome insights hold the key to breakthrough discoveries that transform science for better lives. With our versatile portfolio of next-generation proteomics solutions, including the TrueDiscovery®, TrueTarget®, and TrueSignature® research service platforms, our flagship software Spectronaut®, and the PQ500™ kit, we make the proteome actionable to empower research, drug development, and clinical decision-making. Our solutions provide a multi-dimensional view of protein expression, function, and structure in all biological species and sample types. Our unique, patented technologies utilize high-resolution mass spectrometry to quantify thousands of proteins with industry-leading precision, depth, and throughput. Through our strategic partnership with Bruker (Nasdaq: BRKR), we make proteomics globally accessible. For more information, visit

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