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Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers

Customized multiplexed investigation of biomarkers for drug and downstream drug-induced effects.

Pharmacodynamic (PD) studies are fundamental to determining the efficacy and safety of therapeutic agents. Detecting and validating effective biomarkers speeds up decision-making in early drug development and supports clinical trial advancement. Our Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers solution enables accurate qualitative and quantitative identification of PD biomarkers to ensure the success of your drug development.


    The key reasons why clinical trials fail are the inability to demonstrate efficacy and issues with safety¹.

    Reliable PD biomarkers allow early decision-making to provide critical information about the selection of lead compounds, target effect, biological response, effects of the combination of targeted agents, target engagement in vivo, and how to optimize schedules of a drug regime. The pharmacodynamic biomarker panels belong to the TrueSignature™ platform powered by Parallel Reaction Monitoring mass-spectrometry. The platform allows complete customization down to amino acid resolution (i.e. mutations, truncations, isoforms) and independence from affinity-based approach and reagent availability. You select the proteins, and we analyze them for you.

    We offer industry-leading customizable panels with an unprecedented level of multiplexing, enabling the simultaneous absolute quantification of up to 100 proteins across species and indications to best suit your research goals TrueSignature™ panels can be developed within weeks and are available both as a standalone solution or as an integrated solution, in which insights from TrueDiscovery™ studies guide the choice of proteins in the custom panel.


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    The results are presented and discussed with you in a dedicated conference call and delivered electronically in PDF and Excel format.

    Executive Summary
    Materials and Methods
    (suitable for publication)
    Complete Data Matrix

    a) Peptide and protein relative intensities for all study samples
    Peptide and protein absolute quantities based on stable isotope standards (if applicable)

    Data Interpretation

    a) Differentially regulated proteins with regulation factor and p-value
    b) Coefficient of variation analysis
    c) Multivariate analysis (e.g., PCA)
    d) Hierarchical clustering analysis
    e) Custom analysis upon request

    Sample types and depths

    Pharmacodynamic Biomarker Solution can be applied to virtually any kind of sample type and species with a minimum input of sample required.


    Project management

    Biognosys is committed to providing the best possible results to our customers at the fastest possible project turnaround time.




    Access our knowledge base with relevant resources and guiding information.


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