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Our Facility

Biognosys operates one of the largest high-end mass spectrometry laboratories worldwide for Large-Scale Discovery Proteomics contract research

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facility, we can handle large volumes of samples, while maintaining our unprecedented precision and depth. We can deliver many projects in parallel and routinely perform studies with over 1,000 samples for global pharma and biotech customers, academia, or consortia.

We process and store data with utmost protection and operate under comprehensive quality standards for the implementation of proteomics in clinical trials.

We stand for flexibility as well as scalability. We are flexible to support projects of different sizes and sample numbers, depending on the customer need. We operate at large scale according to today’s standards, and we are also fully equipped and capable to continuously scale up our throughput to support the rising capacity needs for large-scale proteomics in the future.

Qualified Lab Personnel

Our lab facility is operated by highly trained personnel with multiple years of proteomics expertise and extensive experience in the handling of various types of projects. Our lab personnel continuously develops and maintains the facility for optimal performance and uptime.

High-Quality Sample Processing

Our high-end mass spectrometers are set up with automated, tight spaced quality control. They can process samples from any species or biological matrices with high reproducibility.

High-Throughput Instruments Park

With our facility of 900 square meters (9,687 square feet), we can scale up our throughput to 250,000 samples per year. We implement high throughput automation and parallelization for processing of samples on a large-scale, across many instruments.

Robust, High Capacity Data Center

Our IT infrastructure guarantees timely, error-free, and secure transfer of the mass spectrometric data. The resilient, in-house storage platform is prepared for huge future storage growth.

Comprehensive Quality

Our facility and processes conform with the highest quality standards for the processing of biological samples. Our services are performed in a professional, manner, consistent with industry standards.

Compliant with GLP and GCP Guidelines

For pre-clinical studies requiring GLP compliance, our facility and processes comply with the OECD principles on GLP. For clinical studies requiring GCP compliance, we conform with all applicable regulations for the processing of human samples. Studies under GLP or GCP are supported by an experienced Quality Operations and Quality Assurance Team.

From our facility we invent and develop proprietary mass spectrometry-based proteomics technologies and offer a broad range of cutting-edge proteomics solutions. We make these widely available to life science researchers and proteomics experts to increase access to the proteome.

Our Solutions