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    Biognosys is the world leader in the application of next-generation proteomics solutions to accelerate and de-risk your drug research and development.

    By adding our cutting-edge proteomics expertise to your research, you can gain a deeper understanding of biology and acquire actionable knowledge for your decision making. We offer contract research services for a broad range of applications and therapeutic areas. Regardless of the objectives and stage of your research, our next-generation proteomics services will provide you with the key insights you need to advance your research.

    Our Services

    Unbiased biological insights from tissue and biofluids

    Novel drug target identification and validation

    Custom panels for absolute protein quantification

    How we deliver value

    Biognosys is committed to providing the best possible results to our customers. We consider confidentiality, proactive communication, and structured project management as key factors in a successful customer relationship. Service projects are usually structured in the following way:

    1. Pre-Study Consultation

    –  We make sure we understand your research objectives

    –  We leverage our expertise to advise you on the best proteomics strategy to achieve your objectives

    –  Our scientific team prepares a detailed and bespoke study proposal

    –  We prepare a contract for the agreed study plan

    2. Study Execution

    –  A dedicated scientific project manager is assigned to your study

    –  You receive regular updates on the progress of your study

    –  Rigorous quality control is ensured throughout the study

    –  We initiate the project the moment we receive your samples and ensure on-time delivery of results

    3. Study Reporting, Analytics, and Insights

    –  An in-depth study report and a description of all methods is presented and discussed by our scientific team

    –  You receive an extensive data analytics package, that delivers actionable insights

    –  We provide guidance on follow-up studies

    Our proteomics solutions can be applied across all major biological species and sample types.

    Sample types and requirements:



    Custom projects

    Beyond the above-mentioned applications and therapeutic areas, we also can support your research with custom projects. Our expert team would be glad to support you in identifying the most suitable proteomics workflow and study design to best address your research questions.

    Contact Us

    Contact us to discuss your specific study needs with one of our scientists and technical consultants.



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      New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

      Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

      New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

      Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

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