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Our Data Competence

Biognosys has analyzed a vast amount of proteomics data and developed an industry-leading understanding of the proteome across various species and biological matrices. Thanks to our biological expertise and data analytics capabilities we are the proteomics knowledge provider of choice to support biomarker discovery and drug development.

The increasing sensitivity of mass spectrometry methods to identify proteins in complex samples such as tumor tissue or blood plasma has sparked interest in the application of proteomics techniques across many areas of biomedical research.

The high susceptibility of the proteome to internal and external changes makes it an ideal target for investigation. However, proteome research imposes specific requirements; from taking and processing samples up to data analysis.

Proteome data are now ready to become a standard part of health data analysis. By aligning proteome data with biodata from other sources, such as genomic profiling, imaging, histology, and other data included in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) we can create a truly multi-modal view of life and disease.

Our unique data competence

Protein data science


Biognosys has unique data analytics competencies and tools to process raw data from mass spectrometry for further biomedical analysis.

Illustration: hierarchical clustering of protein intensity values in a  large-scale discovery proteomics study


Biomedical evidence and insights

In a truly multi-modal approach to data federation, we combine proteome data with other biodata and patient data from EHRs – generating novel insights for biomedical research and patient care.

Illustration: patient cohort clinical parameters from a recent cancer tissue project 

From signal to insight with protein data science

Biognosys employs an industry-leading pipeline for discovery proteomics as well as targeted proteomics data acquisition and analysis. Based on in-house developed software, our PhD-level data analysts provide a bespoke solution for every contract research project, guided by close interaction with the client.

For discovery proteomics, Spectronaut™ is the gold standard for processing raw proteome data acquired in DIA mode, powered by a number of robust Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms.

With over a decade of experience with large-scale studies, we have fine-tuned our expertise in data processing with tailored strategies and proprietary algorithms for normalization, batch correction, statistical testing, candidate stratification, and biological interpretation.

Our team of data analysts ensures that all gathered proteome data are optimally processed, standardized, and formatted for further analysis. Through many proprietary projects, Biognosys also accumulated a protein database which serves as a unique calibration and control tool.

By analyzing tens of thousands of samples with DIA over the last years, Biognosys has gathered unparalleled knowledge of the human proteome. We work closely with our customers to solve their biomedical questions and align proteome data with other biodata, notably patient medical records and genomic data.

Generating biomedical evidence and insights


Your journey from sample to insight is guided by Biognosys’ team of experienced data analysts who take great care to extract biomedical information out of your proteome data project. If required, we can also align your proteome data to various other biodata (e.g. pathway annotation, patient medical records, transcriptomic and genomic data), ensuring a truly multi-modal approach.


You can use our integrative tools, not only for your biomarker discovery in pre-clinical settings, but also to accompany your clinical trials including large-scale and longitudinal clinical studies under GCP guidelines. In clinical study projects we can align proteome phenotype data with medical information from EHRs to generate the federated database you need.


Biognosys ensures the long-term access, comparability, and re-usability of your retrospective proteome data for any distinct research context and in combination to other biodata. For this, Biognosys has built one of the largest high-end Mass Spectrometry facilities worldwide, serving pharma and biotech customers with contract research services since 2008.


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