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Phosphorylation Profiling

Gain key functional insights through deep phospho-proteome profiling

Phosphorylation provides essential insights for disease biology, biomarker research, and drug development. Biognosys’ Phospho Profiling Studies enable the quantification of thousands of phospho-proteins, with phospho-site resolution in large-scale studies, allowing you to better understand cellular activation.


      Phosphorylation of proteins is a central modulatory mechanism for protein function. The signal transduction cascades, which are regulated by phosphatases and kinases, are important targets for the treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. These pathways do not act in isolation and only a global view of phosphorylation events can reveal the true mode action of a drug.

      The Phospho Profiling application utilizes Biognosys’ proprietary Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM™) technology, with a choice of depth for the phospho-proteome profiling.

      The service is ideal for researchers who are looking for a deep phospho-proteome quantification to better understand cellular activation in a hypothesis-free manner.

      Phospho Profiling can be applied in large-scale studies, quantifying the complete phospho-proteome in thousands of samples with high throughput.


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      The results are presented and discussed with you in a dedicated conference call and delivered electronically in PDF and Excel formats.

      Executive Summary
      Materials and Methods
      (suitable for publication)
      Complete Data Matrix

      a) Normalized relative intensities for all detected phospho-sites, phospho-peptide, and phospho-proteins

      b) Protein annotation (based on Uniprot Knowledgebase

      Data Interpretation

      a) Differentially regulated proteins with regulation factor and p-value
      b) Coefficient of variation analysis
      d) Hierarchical clustering analysis
      e) Functional analysis (e.g. kinase enrichment and/or pathway analysis)
      f) Custom analysis upon request

      Sample types and depths

      Phospho Profiling Studies can be carried out on samples from any species and are most commonly applied on cell lines or tissue.


      Project management

      Biognosys is committed to providing the best possible results to our customers at the fastest possible project turnaround time.



      Access our knowledge base with relevant resources and guiding information.


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