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Biofluid Biomarker Discovery

Unprecedented depth and throughput for your biomarker discovery in biofluids

For many studies, biofluid samples are more easily available than tissue samples. Our Biofluid Biomarker Discovery service enables deep and reproducible quantification of biofluid proteomes. It allows the identification of the most promising, actionable biomarkers to support clinical decision making.


      Biofluids are known to have a high protein dynamic range, requiring a highly robust technology for proteomic analysis. Our TrueDiscovery™ platform for biofluid biomarker discovery enables the quantification of biofluid proteomes with unparalleled specificity and depth to identify differentially regulated proteins as biomarker candidates in an unbiased, hypothesis-free manner.

      The application offers a proteome coverage of 4,200 proteins in plasma or serum, 6,100 proteins in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and 11,100 proteins in urine.

      We offer a choice of depth of analysis and can identify low-abundant proteins thanks to our highly optimized depletion and sample enrichment workflow.

      The service is scalable to thousands of samples with industry-leading throughput.

      The platform is powered by Biognosys’ proprietary Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM™) technology and Spectronaut® software for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) enhanced proteomics data analysis.

      Insights from TrueDiscovery™ studies can guide the choice of proteins in follow-on studies with TrueSignature™ custom panels. Moreover, our biofluid-based profiling workflows can be combined with our proprietary PQ500™ plasma panel. PQ500 is a reference panel for absolute quantification, developed based on our expertise in targeted proteomics.


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      The results are presented and discussed with you in a dedicated conference call and delivered electronically in PDF and Excel formats.

      Executive Summary
      Materials and Methods
      (suitable for publication)
      Complete Data Matrix

      a) Normalized relative protein intensities for all detected proteins or absolute quantities if stable isotope standards were used

      b) Protein annotation (based on Uniprot Knowledgebase)

      Data Interpretation

      a) Differentially regulated proteins with regulation factor and p-value
      b) Coefficient of variation analysis
      c) Multivariate analysis (e.g. PCA)
      d) Hierarchical clustering analysis
      e) Functional analysis (e.g. GO/Pathway analysis)
      f) Custom analysis upon request

      Sample types and depths

      Biofluid Biomarker Discovery can be applied on blood plasma or serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), or any other similar biofluid from any species


      Project management

      Biognosys is committed to providing the best possible results to our customers at the fastest possible project turnaround time.




      Access our knowledge base with relevant resources and guiding information.


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        New: Spectronaut® 18

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