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On-demand Webinars on Science and Nature Research Custom Media

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3D proteome snapshots enable high-resolution functional proteomics screens

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• How to perform global analyses of altered protein structures in situ and what we can learn from these analyses
• How we can better connect systems biology and mechanistic biological analyses
• Approaches to generating hypotheses on biological mechanisms and drug targets at high-throughput

Immunotherapy meets proteomics: A winning combination for clinical trial success and personalized treatment?

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During the webinar, the expert panel will:
• Provide novel insights into a known biomarker, CD40, and its role in activating the • immune system against cancer
• Demonstrate the application of a multiomics biomarker approach to monitoring pharmacodynamic markers
• Take a deep dive into a novel, mass spectrometry–based plasma proteomics solution for unbiased discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers
• Discuss integration of single-cell technologies—such as FACS (fluorescence-activated cell sorting) or CyTOF (cytometry by time of flight)—with population-level ‘omics, such as proteomics

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