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Biognosys Grant Program

Pushing the boundaries of discovery together

The Biognosys Grant Program is a periodic initiative designed to support clinical-stage research in a selected disease area by applying our innovative large-scale proteomics techniques. The program was created to support Biognosys’ mission of making the proteome accessible to life science researchers by inventing new cutting-edge technologies that provide deep, multi-dimensional insights on protein expression, function, and structure at large scale.

The Award


Biognosys awards the winner research group with a complete large-scale proteomic analysis, expert consultation, project management, and in-depth data analysis.

Thank you


We want to thank all the talented participants from all over the world who applied to the Grant Programs: we appreciated all submitted projects’ uniqueness and high quality.

To always be updated on our news and not lose the possibility to participate in future editions of the Biognosys Grant Program:


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    New: Spectronaut® 19

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