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Large-Scale Discovery Proteomics

Biognosys’ mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions enable research with unprecedented precision, depth, and scale. Powered by our cutting-edge technology, extensive facility, and state-of-the-art data analytics, we provide deep, large-scale insights on the molecular phenotype, enabling breakthrough discoveries and bringing life science to a new level.

Scalable technology

Biognosys is the leading inventor and developer of mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions. Our unprecedented proteome coverage and sample throughput enable simultaneous quantification of thousands of proteins across thousands of samples.


High-throughput facility

Biognosys operates one of the largest high-end mass spectrometry laboratories worldwide for Large-Scale Discovery Proteomics contract research. Our industry-leading sample throughput enables us to handle large volumes of samples while maintaining unprecedented precision and depth.



Unique proteomics data competence

Thanks to our biological expertise and data analytics capabilities we are the proteomics knowledge provider of choice. Having analyzed a vast amount of proteomics data across various species and biological matrices, we have an extensive understanding of the proteome. Building on our technology, we provide excellent Protein Data Science and comprehensive Biomedical Evidence and Insights.


Our solutions for your large-scale proteomics needs

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    New: Spectronaut® 19

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    New: Spectronaut® 19

    Unlock Your Data's True Story

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