Spectronaut 18: Limitless Throughput. Unparalleled Efficiency.

Spectronaut® 18: Limitless Throughput. Unparalleled Efficiency

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Spectronaut® 18 solves most of the pain points of modern mass spectrometry-based projects. The new version is cloud-ready and comes with long-awaited Linux support. But that’s not all, you can look forward to even more identifications and increased quantification quality.



“With this release, we show yet again that Spectronaut is unmatched when it comes to DIA proteomics analysis. Spectronaut 18 not only offers a significantly improved identification rate but provides users with new features that can make any DIA project more successful, efficient, and scalable.”


Lukas Reiter, PhD, CTO of Biognosys

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  • Search archive support for directDIA+: Enjoy the full flexibility of search archives; eg. by splitting your searches


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Unrivaled Protein Measurement

Spectronaut continues to offer record-breaking protein identification rates. Compared to Spectronaut 17, version 18 provides a 5% average increase in identifications and a 12% increase in identifications with CV <10%.


This means that every analysis provides more biologically relevant targets than before.

The Sky is the Limit with Cloud Support

In Spectronaut 18 we introduce two highly anticipated new features: Linux compatibility and cloud support for both Linux and Windows.


This offers unprecedented flexibility and makes DIA proteomics projects easily scalable.

Actionable Insights with Our Synchronized Analysis Workflow

With Spectronaut 18, you can start analyzing your data as it is acquired and quickly combine it at the end with full FDR control.


This allows for up to 80% reduction in analysis time all while getting actionable insights during your acquisition.

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    New: Spectronaut® 19

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