Biognosys Introduces Higher-Throughput Discovery Proteomics Research Services Based on the Bruker timsTOF Platform

Biognosys Introduces Higher-Throughput Discovery Proteomics Research Services Based on the Bruker timsTOF Platform

  • The new offerings enhance Biognosys’ existing portfolio of TrueDiscovery® research services to offer biopharma researchers higher-throughput proteome profiling with industry-leading depth, reproducibility, and cost-efficiency
  • The service workflows deploy the Bruker timsTOF® HT instrument to quantify 10,000 protein groups in tissue or cell lines and 2,000 protein groups in depleted plasma or serum, while realizing significant gains in sample throughput
  • The services will be performed at Biognosys’ lab facility in Switzerland and as of Q1 2024 also at Biognosys’ new lab facility in Boston, Massachusetts


October 5, 2023. ZURICH and CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Biognosys, a leader in next-generation proteomics solutions for biomarker discovery and drug development, today announced a significant enhancement to its portfolio of discovery proteomics research services with higher-throughput workflows based on the Bruker timsTOF mass spectrometry platform.


Biognosys’ TrueDiscovery research platform is widely recognized for its deep proteome profiling capabilities. By integrating Bruker timsTOF HT instruments into select TrueDiscovery workflows, Biognosys continues to elevate the standards for deep and reproducible proteome profiling with high throughput and cost-efficiency.


Deep proteome profiling at higher throughput


The new services empower biopharma researchers with a unique combination of depth and throughput. The timsTOF-based workflows enable the quantification of 10,000 cumulative protein groups in tissue or cell line studies and 2,000 cumulative protein groups in depleted plasma or serum studies. Thanks to the significant gains in sample throughput, with an injection-to-injection-time of just one hour, large-scale projects can be completed with industry-leading project turnaround times and attractive pricing.

Rohan Thakur, Ph.D., President Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry at Bruker stated: “Biognosys’ TrueDiscovery platform harnesses the full potential of the Bruker timsTOF HT for 4D-Proteomics, offering biomarker and biopharma researchers near-complete proteome profiling with outstanding throughput.”

In a recent case study, the timsTOF-based workflow was deployed for unbiased high-throughput analysis of a cohort of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and healthy tissue samples. Across all samples, more than 155,000 peptides and 12,300 proteins were quantified, covering over 85% of the proteome. On average, each sample yielded 103,694 peptides and 10,558 proteins. The study revealed distinctive protein expression profiles for adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and healthy tissue. Moreover, multiple biologically relevant regulatory proteins were identified, including plasma membrane proteins, kinases, and transcription factors.


Leading-edge research services with global accessibility


The higher-throughput services will be conducted at Biognosys’ state-of-the art mass spectrometry laboratory in Switzerland. As of Q1 2024, researchers can also access these services from Biognosys’ newly established laboratory in Massachusetts, US.

“The enhancement of our TrueDiscovery platform with higher-throughput services based on the Bruker timsTOF platform marks a significant leap forward in discovery proteomics. This development offers customers more options to pursue the ideal combination of depth and throughput for their study samples and research objectives,” commented Jakob Vowinckel, Ph.D., Chief Officer of Scientific Operations at Biognosys. “Furthermore, the availability of these services out of our new research facility in the US will improve the accessibility of proteomics for large-scale studies.”

To offer customers leading-edge solutions for a wide range of biological applications, Biognosys remains committed to employing mass spectrometry instruments from multiple vendors in their research services.

About TrueDiscovery®


The Biognosys TrueDiscovery platform offers integrated proteomics solutions across the entire drug development pipeline.


TrueDiscovery is powered by Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) mass spectrometry, an advanced Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)-based protein quantification technology co-invented and patented by Biognosys.


TrueDiscovery is the only platform that searches the complete proteome to quantify thousands of the most relevant proteins, including an unlimited number of proteoforms. The platform enables the deepest unbiased profiling of tissue and biofluids proteomes with unbeatable specificity on a large scale. The generated data are highly reproducible and easily transferrable to clinical assays. Studies can be performed in a GLP certified and GCP compliant environment. For more information, visit


About Biognosys


At Biognosys, we believe that deep proteome insights hold the key to breakthrough discoveries that transform science for better lives. With our versatile portfolio of next-generation proteomics solutions, including the TrueDiscovery®, TrueTarget®, and TrueSignature® research service platforms, our flagship software Spectronaut®, and the PQ500™ kit, we make the proteome actionable to empower research, drug development, and clinical decision-making. Our solutions provide a multi-dimensional view of protein expression, function, and structure in all biological species and sample types. Our unique, patented technologies utilize high-resolution mass spectrometry to quantify thousands of proteins with industry-leading precision, depth, and throughput. Through our strategic partnership with Bruker (Nasdaq: BRKR), we make proteomics globally accessible. For more information, visit


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