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Targeted proteomics software for the analysis of PRM and MRM measurements from various MS platforms.

Now available: SpectroDive 9.0 supports library generation from DDA results and subsequent panel generation for data acquisition with Multiple or Parallel Reaction Monitoring (MRM and PRM) workflows. The new High Precision iRT Calibration allows for method scheduling to target more candidate peptides.

Smartest peak picking algorithms enable extremely fast analysis of large datasets.

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Product number: Sw-3002

SpectroDive™ is Biognosys’ proprietary software for automated MS method set-up, signal processing and analysis of MRM and PRM experiments. Contact us for a FREE TRIAL!

SpectroDive™ Features:

  • Integration of the search engine Pulsar: Fast and scalable spectral library generation for assay development
  • Automated MS method set-up, signal processing, and analysis
  • Integrated iRT calibration
  • Powerful peak scoring: High-quality automated peak picking algorithm. Accurate false discovery rate estimates resulting in increased confidence in peptide identification, specifically in larger panels
  • Immediate and intuitive data visualization
  • Customized reporting
  • Fully automated quality control
  • MaxQuant.Live support
  • Intuitive and automated selection of the best-suited peptides for any target protein assay
  • Improved scheduling: enabled by High Precision iRT Calibration derived from MRM, PRM, DIA or DDA from within SpectroDive.

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Supported Instruments

  • Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Series
  • Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Series
  • Thermo Scientific™ TSQ™ Series
  • SCIEX TripleTOF® Series
  • SCIEX Triple Quad Series
  • SCIEX QTRAP Series
  • SCIEX API Series
  • Agilent 6400 Series
  • Waters Xevo TQ-S

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7 x64
  • Intel Core™ CPU 2.7 GHz (quad core) or similar
  • 500 GB of free HDD space
  • 16 GB of RAM memory
  • .NET Framework 4.7


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