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Biognosys is the world leader in the application of next-generation proteomics solutions to accelerate your research and drug development timelines.

By combining our cutting-edge proteomics expertise with your research, we can help to reveal a deeper understanding of biology and to provide actionable knowledge and confidence to your research. No matter what stage of research or drug development, our discovery and targeted proteomics will give you the key functional insights you need to move forwards.


Our proteomics services provide:

  • Discovery Proteomics – Profile and compare global proteomic changes of thousands of proteins, from tissue or fluid samples to reveal biological mechanisms, novel targets, and biomarkers.
  • Targeted Proteomics – Precise quantification of specific proteins of interest for target or biomarker validation.


Either approach provides high-precision quantification of changes in protein expression, post-translational modifications and structural changes with state-of-the-art depth and reproducibility.


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Biognosys is the recognized world leader in the development of innovative next-generation proteomics workflows. We make these workflows accessible to you via our contract research services. Our expert team would be glad to support you in identifying the most suitable proteomics workflow and study design to best address your research question.

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Within and beyond the above mentioned applications and therapeutic areas we can support your research with custom projects.

Contact us to discuss your specific study needs with one of our scientists and technical consultants. 


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