PQ500™ Reference Peptides AppNote (Thermo Fisher Collaboration) - Biognosys

PQ500™ Reference Peptides AppNote (Thermo Fisher Collaboration)

Application Notes

The combination of the latest generation of triple quadrupole mass spectrometer -Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis-, Biognosys PQ500 Peptide Kit, and SpectroDive (Biognosys software for targeted proteomics) enables the reliable targeted quantification of several hundreds of proteins in plasma using MRM, matching the coverage of discovery proteomics experiments in human plasma. SpectroDive software streamlines the method set-up and data analysis, to achieve unprecedented depth, sensitivity, and quantitative precision. Learn the technical details of this application, including experimentally determined lower limits of detection (LODs) in human plasma for > 500 proteins covered by PQ500 reference peptides, in this note.

PQ500™ Reference Peptides AppNote

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