Fundamentals and Advances in Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

Fundamentals and Advances in Mass Spectrometry Proteomics


The development of next-generation DNA sequencing transformed our understanding of genomics, offering an unprecedented view into variation in the human genome across health and disease.


But while these technologies are useful, they cannot provide the full picture of what’s happening inside cells, tissues, and organisms. For this, we need to look at the ultimate output of the genome: the proteome.


After many years in the shadow of genomics, proteomics is now ready to step into the spotlight.


At Biognosys, our mass spectrometry proteomics platforms allow us to investigate the expression, function, structure, and post-translational modifications of proteins as never before – unlocking a new realm of biological information and insights.


In this ebook, we’ll take you through the latest developments in mass spectrometry proteomics.


We’ll start with the fundamentals of mass spectrometry proteomics and its advantages for offering deeper, actionable insights that go beyond genomics, transcriptomics and other proteomics methods. We’ll also cover recent advances in proteomics, including new milestones in depth, coverage and throughput, and developments in analytical software spearheaded by Biognosys.


There is so much more to be explored at the frontiers of proteomics – it’s time to step into the next dimension.

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