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Plasma Proteome in a Kit: Targeted Proteomics on a Discovery Scale



Traditionally, plasma is one of the most challenging biological matrices to analyze with mass spectrometric workflows due to its large dynamic range. Consequently, classical discovery methods suffer from oversampling of abundant proteins and a reduced number of overall IDs. Targeted workflows have a higher dynamic range but need prior knowledge and significant efforts for proper set-up. Further, they are lacking the comprehensiveness of discovery methods.

We show a novel plasma proteomic workflow employing PQ500 – which contains 804 stable isotope standard peptides representative of 582 proteins – in combination with SureQuant data acquisition. Data analysis for this SIS-peptide-triggered-acquisition of the endogenous peptide workflow is optimized in SpetroDive and achieves a reliable quantification of more than 500 plasma proteins in less than 60-minute run time. This out-of-the-box solution for plasma proteomics utilizes the advantages of targeted proteomics on a discovery scale.


Short Biography:

Sebastian Müller, PhD
Product Developer – Biognosys AG

Sebastian Müller has more than 13 years of hands-on experience in applied mass-spectrometry (MS) based proteomics. Before joining Biognosys as Product Developer, he employed cutting edge MS technologies in functional protease characterization in an oncological context at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg (Germany) and in pre-clinical metabolic research at ETH Zurich (Switzerland).


Presentation Details:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Presentation
Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 at 6.50 PM (CET) / 9.50 AM (PT) / 12.50 PM (ET)


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