Biognosys Announces Presentation of Novel Proteomics Workflows at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting - Biognosys

Biognosys Announces Presentation of Novel Proteomics Workflows at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting


Zurich, Switzerland, Aug. 16th 2019 – Biognosys AG, the leader in discovery proteomics based on data-independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry, today announced that two abstracts on the Company’s new workflows will be presented at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois from October 19-23, 2019.

Recent failures of drugs in late-stage clinical development for neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, has signaled the need for a greater understanding of the early mechanisms driving the disease state biology. To support the discovery and development of novel biomarkers associated with neurodegenerative diseases, Biognosys has developed a second-generation HRMTM Discovery Proteomics workflow, based on data-independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry, which provides the most comprehensive characterization of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) proteome.


“The distribution of analyte concentrations in CSF is ideal for data-independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry. By optimizing our HRMTM-MS workflow and developing CSF specific resource protein libraries we are able to quantify a greater number of CSF proteins than ever before.”

Dr. Lukas Reiter, CTO at Biognosys


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Details of the presentations are as follows:



Presentation Title: Deep proteomic profiling of CSF from subjects with Alzheimer’s disease using DIA mass spectrometry

Session Type:
Nanosymposium, Oral

Session Number:

Session Title:
Proteome Dysfunction in Aging, Neurodegenerative Disorders, and Alzheimer’s Disease

Presentation Time:
 10/19/2019 3:15 PM CST


Presentation Title: LiP-MS, a novel method to probe protein (mis)folding and drug-protein interactions

Session Type:

Session Number:

Poster Board Number:

Session Title:
Genomic and Proteomic Techniques

Presentation Time:
 10/23/2019 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST


About Biognosys AG

Biognosys is a leader in next-generation proteomics, dedicated to transforming life science research by making the most advanced proteomics tools available to researchers. The company offers a suite of products and services to decode the proteome and equip researchers from all fields with a deep view of protein expression in cells, tissues, or body fluids. Biognosys’ technology is based on high-resolution mass spectrometry, combined with a novel parallel signal processing approach, for unprecedented quantification of large proteomes in a single experiment. More information at


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