Biognosys and NeoGenomics Expand Global Strategic Partnership Initiatives on Multiple Discovery Proteomics Solutions Supporting Biopharma R&D - Biognosys

Biognosys and NeoGenomics Expand Global Strategic Partnership Initiatives on Multiple Discovery Proteomics Solutions Supporting Biopharma R&D

      • Biognosys’ leading discovery proteomics services to add depth to NeoGenomics’ multiomics solutions for biopharma clinical trials and research
      • The two companies will present scientific posters at the AACR Annual Meeting 2022 detailing the capabilities of their combined offerings


April 11, 2022 – ZURICH – Business Wire. Biognosys, a leader in next-generation proteomics solutions for drug discovery and development, announced today a global strategic partnership agreement with NeoGenomics, Inc. (Nasdaq: NEO), a leading provider of oncology testing and global contract research services. The strategic partnership will encompass multiple strategic and commercial initiatives, including NeoGenomics labs offering access to Biognosys proteomics platforms, medical and scientific affairs-joint presentations and discussions, along with joint scientific and technical initiatives.

“At Biognosys, we continuously push the boundaries of what is possible with our proteomics solutions to address key challenges in drug development,” said Kristina Beeler, PhD., Chief Business Officer, Biognosys. “Our platforms are transforming research from early drug discovery to clinical biomarker identification. We are excited to now combine our proteomics platforms with NeoGenomics’ immuno-profiling platform to advance our biopharma partners’ oncology drug development programs.”

One of the first efforts of this collaboration saw Biognosys combining its TrueDiscovery™ proteomics platform with NeoGenomics’ MultiOmyx™ multiplexed immunofluorescence (mIF) spatial tissue analysis as a multimodal approach for analyzing the proteins of tumor samples from late-stage melanoma patients treated with immune-checkpoint inhibitors. The dual proteomic and mIF profiling approach allows for a comprehensive characterization of melanoma patients and pinpointed a specific set of biomarkers that may be used to predict a patient’s response to checkpoint inhibitors. The development and utility of this multimodal approach will be presented across two posters by Biognosys and NeoGenomics at the 2022 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting this week. The multimodal offering will also be made available commercially for biopharma partners.

“The need of our pharma customers to access the next state-of-the-art technology to improve diagnostics and clinical trials is top priority for us,” said Gina Wallar, Ph.D., President, Pharma Services, NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc. “Partnering with Biognosys gives us the added advantage of expanding into proteomics, data analytics and subsequent actionable results, not only in early discovery and translational research but ultimately, in clinical trials impacting patient care.”


AACR Posters


Abstract 3923: Ubiquitin ligases implicated as predictive biomarkers for poor outcome to immunotherapy in melanoma patients


In this poster presented by Biognosys on April 13, unbiased proteomic profiling with TrueDiscovery was used to characterize melanoma patients and their responses to PD1-targeted immunotherapy. The profiling was able to identify a set of 103 proteomic biomarkers associated with ubiquitination pathways that correlate with treatment outcomes. The results were cross analyzed with the spatial tissue analysis performed via the MultiOmyx platform. These findings need to be further confirmed in orthogonal cohorts, nevertheless the data point to the possibility of more precise targeting of melanoma patients for immunotherapy.


Abstract 1267: Dual approach using unbiased proteomics and multiplexed immunofluorescence for the detection of markers predictive for immunotherapy in melanoma patients


Despite clinical advances, durable responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors are not observed in 40-60% of melanoma patients, and current biomarkers do not clearly distinguish responders. In this study presented by NeoGenomics today, a dual proteomic and mIF profiling approach was able to comprehensively characterize melanoma patients and successfully stratify non-responders from responders based on a set of selected protein biomarkers.


To see Biognosys’ full presence at the AACR 2022 annual meeting, please refer to this press release or visit


About TrueDiscovery™


The Biognosys TrueDiscovery platform offers integrated proteomics solutions across the entire drug development pipeline.


TrueDiscovery is powered by Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) mass spectrometry, an advanced Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)-based protein quantification technology co-invented and patented by Biognosys.


TrueDiscovery is the only platform that searches the complete proteome to quantify thousands of the most relevant proteins, including an unlimited number of proteoforms.
The platform enables the deepest unbiased profiling of tissue and biofluids proteomes with unbeatable specificity on a large scale. The generated data are highly reproducible and easily transferrable to clinical assays. Studies can be performed in a GLP certified and GCP compliant environment. For more information, visit


About Biognosys


At Biognosys, we believe that deep proteome insights hold the key to breakthrough discoveries that can dramatically improve human health. We enable life science researchers and drug hunters to look at the proteome from every angle with our versatile portfolio of proprietary next-generation proteomics services, software, and kits, including the TrueDiscovery™, TrueTarget™, and TrueSignature™ platforms and flagship software Spectronaut™. These solutions provide a multi-dimensional view of protein expression, function, and structure in all biological species and sample types. Biognosys’ unique, patented technologies utilize high-resolution mass spectrometry to quantify thousands of proteins across thousands of samples with industry-leading precision, depth, and throughput. Through advanced data analytics, Biognosys translates data into actionable insights for R&D and clinical research. For more information, visit


About NeoGenomics, Inc.


NeoGenomics, Inc. specializes in cancer genetics testing and information services. The Company provides one of the most comprehensive oncology-focused testing menus in the world for physicians to help them diagnose and treat cancer. The Company’s Pharma Services Division serves pharmaceutical clients in clinical trials and drug development.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, NeoGenomics operates CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratories in Fort Myers and Tampa, Florida; Aliso Viejo, Carlsbad, Fresno and San Diego, California; Houston, Arizona, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and CAP accredited laboratories in Rolle, Switzerland, and Singapore. NeoGenomics serves the needs of pathologists, oncologists, academic centers, hospital systems, pharmaceutical firms, integrated service delivery networks, and managed care organizations throughout the United States, and pharmaceutical firms in Europe and Asia. For additional information about NeoGenomics, visit


Media Contact Biognosys


Yves Serroen
Head of Marketing and Communications
Phone +41 (0) 79 571 09 21


Media Contact NeoGenomics, Inc.


Madhushree Ghosh
Vice-President, Global Strategic Alliances & Projects
Phone Phone +1 858 342 2724



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