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Biognosys Portfolio – Transformative Insights from Discovery to Clinic

This comprehensive brochure provides an overview of our services, software, and kits offering.

Spectronaut® Brochure – Take Your DIA Data to the Next Level

The brochure provides you with an overview of the key features and benefits which make Spectronaut the gold-standard software for DIA proteomics analysis. The brochure elaborates on Spectronaut’s easy library generation, high performance, reliability at scale, and all-in-one user experience.

SpectroDive™ Brochure – Simplify Your Targeted Proteomics Analysis

The brochure provides you with an overview of the key features and benefits which make SpectroDive a fast, robust, and seamless solution for targeted proteomics. The brochure elaborates on how SpectroDive enables high-throughput analysis, provides deeper insights into human plasma, and aids integrated panel optimization and biological interpretation.

SpectroMine™ Brochure – Unsurpassed Performance for DDA Proteomics

The brochure provides you with an overview of the key features and benefits which make SpectroMine the most powerful and user-friendly solution for DDA proteomics. The brochure elaborates on SpectroMine’s effortless isobaric labeling quantification, powerful search engine, and all-in-one workflow.

QuiC™ Brochure – Next Generation Proteomics Facility Management

The brochure demonstrates how QuiC provides users with a powerful tool to improve the performance of their mass-spectrometric facility in combination with Biognosys’ indexed Retention Time (iRT) kit. Further, the brochure includes information on how to access QuiC free of charge.

PQ500™ Brochure – The Key to the Plasma Proteome

The brochure provides you with an overview of the main features and benefits which make PQ500 the key to the plasma proteome. The brochure elaborates on its accuracy, coverage and depth, as well as different application types. Finally, ordering and customer support information is provided.

Application Note – Reproducible and Consistent Results in Large-scale Plasma and Serum Studies with PQ500™ Reference Peptides

This technical note provides an overview of the importance of plasma and serum as biospecimens in clinical practice, the challenges that large sample cohorts pose in MS-based proteomics, and how SIS peptides and PQ500 help researchers get consistent and reproducible results in multi-site, multi-system setups.

White Paper – Comparing DDA and DIA Mass Spectrometry Workflows for Discovery Proteomics

In this White Paper, we walk through the two main strategies for collecting and analyzing mass spectrometry data for discovery proteomics using a label-free quantification (LFQ) approach: data-dependent and data-independent acquisition-based strategies. We discuss the advantages of each in different situations to help you apply the right method for your needs.

White Paper – A Comparative Study of Mass Spectrometry and Affinity-based Platforms

Harnessing the information present in the plasma proteome requires robust large-scale analytical techniques. Our latest white paper gives you a better understanding of two leading technology platforms for Plasma Proteomics: Biognosys’ TrueDiscovery™ and Olink Explore.

White Paper – Accelerating Biomarker Discovery With Large-Scale Plasma Proteomics

In this white paper, we explain how advances in mass spectrometry can now unlock the potential of the plasma proteome, uncovering actionable insights essential for biomarker discovery and targeted drug development.


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    New: Spectronaut® 19

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