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Latest Spectronaut® Posters

Improved library-free proteomics analysis for dia-PASEF using directDIA+ in Spectronaut

Presenter: Sira Echevarria

Synchronizing analysis with acquisition for significantly faster library free analysis of DIA

Presenter: Tejas Gandhi

DeepQuant, a neural network for interference correction of precursor quantities

Presenter: An-phi Nguyen

DirectDIA+ Improves Library Free Quantification for Plasma Proteomics

Presenter: Damiano Robbiani

Transfer Learning Methods Improve Deep Fragmentation Model

Presenter: Alexandros Pachos

LiP-MS Combined with directDIA+ Allows for Highly Specific Drug Target Deconvolution

Presenter: Monika Pepelnjak

Spectronaut 17’s Novel DirectDIA+ Provides More Protein Identifications than a Deep Project-specific Library in a Plasma Prostate Cancer Study

Presenter: Monika Puchalska


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