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This comprehensive brochure provides an overview of our services, software, and kits offering.

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Any proteomics application relies on the performance of the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (LC-MS) setup for the generation of high-quality data to ensure that conclusion are met from biological processes and not instrument behavior. QuiC is a free, easy-to-use desktop application that provides a suite of quality control measurements for all major proteomics workflows from most instrument vendors. Readouts are nearly real-time, giving facility managers timely decision-making power and reaction. In addition, learn in this application note how QuiC outperforms other QC tools capabilities.

QuiC™ App Note

The brochure demonstrates how QuiC provides users with a powerful tool to improve the performance of their mass-spectrometric facility in combination with Biognosys’ indexed Retention Time (iRT) kit. Further, the brochure includes information on how to access QuiC free of charge.

QuiC™ Brochure


The QuiC manual is designed to support users and simplify the LC-MS quality control (QC). It covers the software features and guides the user through all the critical steps from post-installation recommendations to data analysis

QuiC™ Manual

In this seminar held at USHUPO 2020, we launched a new generation of the iRT Kit and QuiC software. Among the main improvements, the updated QC dream team enables quantitative and near real-time quality control of the most important LC-MS parameters


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    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

    Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

    Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

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