ASCO Annual Meeting 2021 - Biognosys

ASCO Annual Meeting 2021


At this year’s ASCO Virtual Annual Meeting, Biognosys is proud to present two abstracts, highlighting our work with IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori Fondazione G Pascale, Napoli, Italy, and Indivumed, we demonstrate the utility of our next-generation proteomics platform to advance the understanding of cancer biology and identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in oncology clinical research:

Biognosys' Abstracts at the Virtual ASCO Annual Conference 2021

“Proteomics Meets Transcriptomics: Identification of Tumor Tissue Signatures Specific to anti-PD1 Treatment in Late-stage Melanoma Patients”

“Proteome and Phospho-proteome Profiling for Deeper Phenotype Characterization of Colorectal Cancer Heterogeneity”


Publication Only: Melanoma/Skin Cancers



Kamil Sklodowski, Domenico Mallardo, Jakob Vowinckel, Mariaelena Capone, Martin Soste, Gabriele Madonna, Vito Vanella, Sarah Warren, Paolo Antonio Ascierto;

Biognosys AG, Schlieren, Switzerland; Melanoma, Cancer Immunotherapy and Development Therapeutics Unit, Istituto Nazionale Tumori–Fondazione “G. Pascale”, Naples, Italy; Biognosys, Schlieren, Switzerland; Istituto Nazionale Tumori Pascale, Naples, Italy; Melanoma, Cancer Immunotherapy and Development Therapeutics Unit, Istituto Nazionale Tumori-IRCCS Fondazione “G. Pascale”, Naples, Italy; Istituto Nazionale Tumori IRCCS Fondazione Pascale, Naples, Italy; NanoString Technologies, Inc., Seattle, WA


Publication Only: Gastrointestinal Cancer – Colorectal and Anal



Jakob Vowinckel, Thomas Corwin, Jonathan Woodsmith, Tobias Treiber, Roland Bruderer, Lukas Reiter, Eike-Christin von Leitner, Karel Novy, Hartmut Juhl, Oliver Rinner, Indivumed Authors;

Biognosys, Schlieren, Switzerland; INDIVUMED GMBH, Hamburg, Germany; Biognosys, Zurich, Switzerland; Indivumed GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


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