AACR 2023 Posters - Biognosys

AACR 2023 Posters


Global mapping of pathway modules and phosphorylation networks in PDX and corresponding organoid (PDXO) models treated with targeted therapies

Presenter: Yuehan Feng
A collaboration with Crown Biosciences


Complementarity of class I and II neoantigen mapping in MSI-high colorectal cancer in needle biopsy size tissue samples

Presenter: Christopher Below
A collaboration with Indivumed

Leveraging Deep Proteome Profiling of Plasma- and Serum-derived Extracellular Vesicles for Melanoma Biomarker Discovery and Disease Dissection

Presenter: Yuehan Feng
A collaboration with University Hospital Zurich and Stanford University

Discovery and validation of therapeutic targets in immune cells by mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Presenter: Amaury Lachaud
A collaboration with Genmab

Mass spectrometry-based protein biomarker analysis in chemoimmunotherapy combinations identifies unique immune signatures in pancreatic cancer

Presenter: Nigel Beaton
Acknowledgment: Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI)


High resolution limited proteolysis (HR-LiP), a novel structural proteomics approach for the prediction of small molecule-protein binding events

Presenter: Nigel Beaton
A collaboration with Cedilla Therapeutics

Target identification of a multi-pass transmembrane G protein coupled receptor using limited-proteolysis coupled mass spectrometry (LiP-MS)

Presenter: Nigel Beaton
A collaboration with InterAx Biotech


High-throughput monitoring of proteoforms and pathways through multiplexed and customizable mass spectrometry assay panels

Presenter: Yuehan Feng