Webinar on Plasma Proteomics in Epidemiology

We are honored to announce that Prof. Manuel Mayr from King’s College London will present “Plasma Proteomics in Epidemiology: are we really measuring the correct apolipoproteins for cardiovascular disease risk assessment?” as a guest speaker in our webinar series. 

Prof. Mayr will show the results of his work on quantifying plasma levels of different apolipoproteins using PlasmaDive and their associations with cardiovascular events over a 10-year observation period. This paper was recently published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology titled “Very Low-Density Lipoprotein Associated Apolipoproteins Predict Cardiovascular Events and Are Lowered by Inhibition of ApoC-III”.
Routine apolipoprotein (apo) measurements for cardiovascular disease (CVD) are restricted to apoA-I and apoB. Here, the authors measured an unprecedented range of apolipoproteins in a prospective, population-based study and relate their plasma levels to risk of CVD. This study sought to measure apolipoproteins directly by mass spectrometry and compare their associations with incident CVD and to obtain a system-level understanding of the correlations of apolipoproteins with the plasma lipidome and proteome.

When: 26 April 2017 at 4.00PM CET (10.00AM EST).

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