Webinar: Combining quantitative targeted proteomics with high-content discovery proteomics

We are happy to announce the first webinar in our 2017 series entitled “Best of both worlds: combining quantitative targeted proteomics with high-content discovery proteomics” presented by Dr. Florian Marty, Product Support Manager, and Dr. Lukas Reiter, Chief Technology Officer at Biognosys. 

In the upcoming webinar we will present a workflow that combines the quantitative power of stable isotope-labelled reference peptides with the discovery potential of HRM-MS. Using the reference peptides from our PlasmaDive and PlasmaDeepDive multiplexed panels we have obtained absolute quantitative information of 173 proteins in un-depleted human plasma. Additionally, over 400 plasma proteins were identified in a single shot HRM experiment. Further, the quantification values obtained for the SIS peptides can be used to extrapolate the absolute quantitative values of all proteins identified. 

When: 8 February 2017 at 4.00 PM CET (10.00 AM EST).

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