The Most Exciting Moments of 2017

2017 was not only a big year for Biognosys, it was also a big year for proteomics research in general. As we’re getting situated into a new year, we wanted to highlight the most exciting, riveting, ground breaking moments of last year.

Best Moments for Biognosys:

We launched Spectronaut™ Pulsar, our next generation proteomics software with its own Biognosys’ proprietary database search engine. Read more info here.

We announced a Co-Marketing Agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific – Read the announcement here.

We raised new funds to bring proteomics to the broader life science market – We secured 5 Million USD in funding from new and existing investors. Check out how here.

We announced another Co-Marketing Agreement with Waters Corporation at HUPO2017 – Read the announcement here.

We had a huge technological breakthrough – We’ve shown that our next generation proteomics technology is able to quantify in practice more proteins in a biological sample of interest than classical proteomics even in theory. Read more about it here.

Biognosys’ Selection of Best Moments for Proteomic Research in General:

A significant push of proteomics towards clinical applications was observed in 2017. Instrument vendors and other companies are working on making LCs more robust and increasing their throughput for proteomics applications.

A research group from King’s College London led by Prof. Manuel Mayr quantified 100 plasma proteins in more than 1’500 samples using standard flow LC-MS – Read the article about Plasma Proteomics in Epidemiology here.

Scientists in China designed a discovery proteomics workflow on a Q Exactive that allowed them to analyze 20 serum samples per day - Read the full case study here.

Biognosys worked with Nestlé to analyze 1’546 human plasma proteomes within two months – View the poster here.

As you can see, the proteomics community made many research breakthroughs in 2017 and we look forward to continued success in 2018.

One small step for proteomic research, one giant leap – well, you know the rest.



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