The Future of High-Throughput Plasma Proteomics

Proteins from the blood circulatory system offer a wealth of information on normal physiology and possible pathological disorders. Blood plasma is the most frequently used biological sample in clinical research and routine laboratory diagnostics. Changes in quantities of proteins in the blood can be correlated to disease onset or therapy response.

Monitoring the levels of all blood proteins (the blood proteome) simultaneously makes it possible to recognize the “big picture”.
Comparing the blood proteomes of different individuals makes it possible to:

  • Identify Biomarkers for Disease Progression or Therapy Response
  • Stratify Patients Based on Molecular Differences for More Effective Clinical Trials and Treatment
  • Understand the Molecular Mechanism of Potential Adverse Effects

Mass spectrometry based proteomics is an established technology for quantitative monitoring of plasma proteins. Recent advancements in mass spectrometry technology enable the quantification of plasma proteomes in a high-throughput mode for hundreds or even thousands of samples.


Biognosys is the leading proteomics company offering services and tools for highly multiplexed protein quantification to facilitate translational research. We offer two distinctive technological platforms for protein analysis - Discovery Proteomics and Targeted Proteomics:

  • Discovery Proteomics gives the researcher an overview over the total blood proteome through comprehensive and unbiased protein profiling. With discovery proteomics up to 700 blood proteins can be reproducibly identified and quantified. 
  • Targeted Proteomics allows the sensitive and fast quantification of selected proteins of interest. Targeted proteomics can be highly multiplexed: up to 150 pre-defined proteins can be analyzed in a high-through put mode.


Our services and tools are successfully applied in many research areas. Here you will find some recent examples of Biognosys proteomics technology in high-throughput blood research:


Whatever your protein analysis need is, be it the analysis of entire proteomes or quantification of specific proteins, Biognosys has the right solution for you. We would like to invite you to further investigate our solutions and technology:

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