Spectronaut 9.0. The fastest and most precise proteomic analysis tool

Biognosys announced today the release of a new Spectronaut™ software for Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM). Designed for high-throughput data analysis, Spectronaut 9.0 cuts analysis time from days to hours and delivers the most confident quantitative proteomics data analysis. 

The powerful principle behind Spectronaut™ 9.0 is the integration of its algorithms with Biognosys calibration kits: the iRT Kit and the HRM Calibration Kit.  Both kits are now supported to provide optimal customized parameter calibration that is crucial for quantitation accuracy and reproducibility. Spectronaut 9.0 also employs a new high-precision iRT concept developed at Biognosys that includes 1000s of peptide anchor points for the most precise spectral library generation. In addition to ThermoFisher’s Orbitrap and Sciex’s Triple TOF platforms, Spectronaut 9.0 now supports Bruker’s Impact II platform instruments.

“Spectronaut 9 (Collins) is a huge leap towards democratization of high-content, high-throughput proteomics" says Lukas Reiter, Biognosys’ CTO. He also adds “Experiments comprising 100s to 1000s of samples now can be analyzed on readily available simple computer hardware, including post analysis steps such as statistical testing for differential abundance.” 

More information about the release is  available in the official press release.

Spectronaut™ Professional remains free for academic researchers and can be obtained directly at Biognosys’ online shop while industry customers can obtain their enterprise version here.


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