Spectronaut 8.0. Simpler than ever, fast and accurate as always

Today, Biognosys is launching the latest version of its Spectronaut™ software for Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) that covers a complete workflow from library generation to protein-level expression analysis.

The team around Lukas Reiter, our CTO, has been working hard to implement a whole suite of improvements that make this our best Spectronaut ever. Simpler protein quantification and built-in reference libraries for various organisms and tissues are just two of the many updates (see here for a full list of new features). 

With Spectronaut 8.0, users get protein quantification results in a simpler data format that makes downstream data analysis even easier. Results are exported in a quantitative matrix showing runs vs relative protein quantities, a format that many researchers know from microarrays. Also, Spectronaut 8.0 will come with ready-to-use spectral libraries for various organisms and tissues. While Spectronaut users will still benefit from sample-specific spectral library generation, these built-in spectral libraries present great references for fast testing of experiments.

As Lukas says: “Spectronaut 8 (Cassini) is one of the most significant Spectronaut releases, laying the ground work for coming Spectronaut versions. Cassini comes with its own protein inference closing the gap to the proteins, the biomolecules of interest to us. Proteins and annotation are now under control of the Spectronaut users with more reporting possibilities than ever.”

Spectronaut™ Professional remains free for academic researchers and can be obtained directly in the Biognosys’ online shop while industry customers can obtain their enterprise version here.


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