SpectroDive software now supports Agilent instruments

Today Biognosys announces the release of a new SpectroDive™ software version supporting multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) data processing from Agilent instruments.

MRM is a well-established method for targeted proteomics and is primarily performed on triple quadruple mass spectrometers. SpectroDive™ software for targeted proteomics features precise peak picking algorithms that allows users to get actionable results from large datasets in minutes rather than days.

SpectroDive™ also represents a perfect platform for absolute quantification experiments where heavy labelled external standards are added to the samples prior to sample injection. This principle is employed in Biognosys’ plug-and-play MRM Assay Panels (like PlasmaDive™ Mini) and allows the absolute quantification of 100 proteins per human plasma or serum sample.

SpectroDive™ remains free for academic researchers and can be obtained directly from the Biognosys’ online shop (academic e-mail account is required). Perpetual enterprise licenses are available for industry. Free trial versions are also available to industry users. .

With Agilent joining the list of supported vendors Biognosys continues to expandits product portfolio its and customer support in the targeted proteomics field.


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