SpectroDive™ software now enables MRM and PRM panel generation

Today Biognosys announces the release of a new version of SpectroDive™ - Biognosys’ software for targeted proteomics. SpectroDive™ 8.0 now supports library generation from DDA results and subsequent panel generation for data acquisition with Multiple or Parallel Reaction Monitoring (MRM and PRM) workflows.

Targeted proteomics is a powerful mass spectrometry based technique for highly specific and sensitive multiplexed quantification of selected proteins from complex biological samples. It allows absolute or relative quantification of hundreds of target proteins per run spanning a dynamic range of about 6 orders of magnitude in a high-throughput mode and across hundreds or thousands of samples.
SpectroDive™ is a professional software for setting up, signal processing and analysis of MRM and PRM measurements. Built on the most powerful peak picking algorithms, SpectroDive empowers users to get actionable results from large datasets in minutes rather than days. With the newly added MRM and PRM panel generation functionality SpectroDive™ becomes a comprehensive tool for targeted proteomics allowing a full utilization of any targeted proteomics workflow.
To learn more about the new SpectroDive™ release and its features, please join our live webinar on Tuesday, May 9th 2017 at 4.00PM CET (10.00AM EST) presented by Dr. Lukas Reiter, Chief Technology Officer of Biognosys and Dr. Florian Marty, Product Support Manager. The webinar will also feature a Q&A session. To register for the webinar please use the following link:

SpectroDive™ remains free for individual academic researchers and can be obtained directly from Biognosys’ online shop. Government, core labs and industrial researchers can send their inquiries for SpectroDive™ licenses to order@biognosys.com.

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