SkinDig 100™ assay panel for quantification of human skin proteins

The multiplexed quantification of proteins has become of great interest in dermatology research and cosmetics. To address this need, Biognosys has developed SkinDig100™  - a new MRM assay panel for quantification of 100 proteins in human skin biopsies as well as in keratinocyte cell culture samples. The proteins in the panel are associated with different functional groups like differentiation, oxidative stress response, apoptosis inhibition as well as many other areas relevant to normal skin metabolism and a wide range of diseases. 

SkinDig 100™ is Biognosys’ third standardized MRM assay panel  for routine laboratory analytics, following PlasmaDive™ 100 and LiverDig™ 100. All of the panels are offered for measurements as a fee-for-service in Biognosys’ facility and as a product for transfer to any CRO (incl. GLP-certified) equipped with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.


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