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Target Deconvolution

Novel label-free approach for target identification.

Target Deconvolution is a novel approach based on limited proteolysis coupled to quantitative proteomics applicable for the identification of the binding protein targets of small molecules in complex proteome setting. The approach is exclusively licensed by Biognosys.


Understanding the target of a small molecule compound is key to gaining deeper insight into its mechanism of action and potential toxicities.

Limited Proteolysis (LiP-MS) has emerged as a label-free technology to identify and analyze changes in protein structures/steric hindrance caused by a compound in cellular lysates. The underlying concept of LiP-MS is based on proteins being subjected to proteolysis in the presence or absence of a compound. When a compound binds to a protein, it induces a specific structural state in the protein target that can be exploited during proteolysis. This unique structural state changes the pattern of proteolysis and leads to the formation of unique peptides that can be characterized by HRM mass spectrometry.

The Target Deconvolution service offers a fast turnaround time of 5-6 weeks per study.

Disclaimer: The Limited Proteolysis technology is patent protected and Biognosys holds an exclusive license from ETH Zürich. 

Learn more about the novel Limited Proteolysis approach from the publications in the Support Materials section. 

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Project Management

Biognosys is committed to providing the best possible results to our customers. We consider confidentiality, proactive communication, and structured project management as key factors in a successful customer relationship. Service projects are usually structured in the following way:

1. Project Set-up

  • We make sure we understand your research objective
  • We determine the most suitable proteomics strategy together with you
  • Our scientific team prepares a detailed project proposal – you may accept or decline the contract

2. Project Execution

  • A scientific project manager is assigned to your project
  • We initiate the project the moment we receive your samples
  • You receive regular reports on the progress of your project

3. Project Reporting

  • A final report with data analysis and a description of all methods is delivered upon project completion. Depending on the number of samples, the turnaround time from receiving the samples to the final report is 5-6 weeks



The results are presented and discussed with you in a seminar or webinar and delivered electronically in PDF and Excel formats that contain:


  • Executive Summary
  • Materials and Methods (suitable for publication)
  • Complete Data Matrix:
    Normalized relative protein intensities for all detected proteins 
    Protein annotation (based on Uniprot Knowledgebase)
  • Target Deconvolution Analysis:
    a) Protein target candidates ranked by aggregate LiP score
    bCompound affinity concentration for each protein candidate
    cMapping of regulated peptides of top 3 candidates on protein tertiary structures if available

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Please contact us for support.


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