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Peptide Kits

HRM Calibration Kit

Next generation targeted proteomics technology

Calibration peptides for HRM-MS™ (SWATH, DIA) for fully automated high-throughput data processing with Spectronaut™ software.

Product number: Ki-3003



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Hyper Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry (HRM-MS™) is the next generation targeted proteomics technology invented at Biognosys that enables reproducible and precise quantification of 1000s of proteins in a single instrument run with data independent acquisition (DIA, SWATH). Spectronaut™ software in combination with the HRM Calibration Kit enables fully automated and accurate signal processing of HRM-MS™ data sets.

The HRM Calibration Kit, containing non-naturally occurring synthetic peptides in a pooled mix, serves to calibrate retention time and other parameters for the Spectronaut™ software enabling peak detection, scoring, mass calibration, noise reduction and other data analysis steps. 

The use of the HRM Calibration Kit translates into better results:

  • Smart in-run parameter calibration guarantees quick and robust analysis
  • Increased sensitivity and specificity by iRT normalization and advanced handling of interfering signals
  • High quantitative accuracy by supporting optimized ion current extraction
  • Automated quality control by monitoring LC and MS performance

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The HRM Calibration Kit contains

  • HRM Peptide Mix (2x 2.0 ml tube)
  • Dissolution Buffer (2x 2.0 ml tube)

The kit components are sufficient for approximately 1000 injections (or 100 samples) depending on sample volume and injection amount.

Using the HRM Calibration Kit requires just one step: Pipet the HRM Peptide Mix into your sample directly before measurement – everything else is handled by Spectronaut™ software. Spectronaut™  automatically detects the HRM peptides and reports successful calibration only if the HRM peptides are detected in the sample.

Supported instruments

  • Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Series
  • Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Series
  • AB SCIEX TripleTOF® Series (5600, 5600+, 6600)

If your instrument is not on the list please contact us to get detailed information on the instruments we support.

See the Quick Reference Card for detailed information on how to use the HRM Calibration Kit.

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