Chronic Diseases

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Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, represent a large unmet medical need. Proteomics-based approaches can accelerate the discovery and development of reliable biomarkers to improve the diagnosis of chronic diseases and to monitor treatment response. Biognosys’ Discovery Proteomics is the ideal tool to guide the development of safer and targeted therapies for a wide range of chronic conditions. 

Large-scale Longitudinal Proteomics Studies in Plasma

Deep proteomics characterization of blood-based biomarkers

Comprehensive, high throughput profiling of the plasma proteome enables a holistic analysis of the health of an individual. In collaboration with Nestlé, Biognosys’ Discovery Proteomics was used in a large-scale plasma study of more than 1'500 samples collected over a longitudinal clinical study of weight loss. The analysis revealed biomarkers associated with obesity, cardiovascular and liver-associated diseases, and diabetes.


Case Study: Next Generation Proteomics in Large-Scale Plasma Clinical Analysis

Publication: Analysis of 1508 Plasma Samples by Capillary-Flow Data-Independent Acquisition Profiles Proteomics of Weight Loss and Maintenance (Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2019)

Application: Biomarker Discovery


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