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    Biognosys’ diverse range of proteomics solutions can help you address your key research objectives for biomarker discovery and drug development.

    Built on our proprietary technologies and workflows, our applications provide highly precise and reproducible insights on protein expression, function, and structure. Our industry-leading proteome depth and sample throughput enable simultaneous quantification of thousands of proteins across thousands of samples in a single study. No matter what the objectives of your research are, our next-generation proteomics applications will provide you with the key insights you need to advance your research.

    Unbiased biological insights from tissue and biofluids

    The Biognosys TrueDiscovery™ platform offers integrated proteomics solutions across the entire drug development pipeline.

    TrueDiscovery™ is powered by Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) mass spectrometry, an advanced Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)-based protein quantification technology co-invented and patented by Biognosys.

    TrueDiscovery™ is the only platform that searches the complete proteome to quantify thousands of the most relevant proteins, including an unlimited number of proteoforms. The platform enables the deepest unbiased profiling of tissue and biofluids proteomes with unbeatable specificity on a large scale. The generated data are highly reproducible and easily transferrable to clinical assays. Studies can be performed in a GCP compliant environment.

    Novel drug target identification and validation

    The Biognosys TrueTarget™ proteomics platform uniquely addresses the most pressing challenges in early drug discovery by identifying on- and off-targets to accelerate and de-risk drug development throughout the pipeline.

    TrueTarget™ is powered by Limited Proteolysis Mass Spectrometry (LiP-MS), a proprietary, patented chemoproteomics technology co-developed by Biognosys. TrueTarget™ is the only tool to probe structural changes across the complete proteome with peptide-level resolution, providing unique insights into compound binding and target identification.

    The platform enables elucidating mechanisms of action and revealing unanticipated toxicities.

    Custom panels for absolute protein quantification

    The Biognosys TrueSignature™ platform provides high-precision customizable proteomics panels for pharmacodynamic readouts and clinical biomarker monitoring.

    Parallel Reaction Monitoring mass-spectrometry powers the platform, allowing complete customization and independence from affinity-based recognition and reagent availability. The TrueSignature™ panels offer an unprecedented level of multiplexing, enabling the simultaneous absolute quantification of up to 100 proteins.

    TrueSignature panels can be developed within weeks and are available both as a standalone solution or an integrated solution, in which insights from TrueDiscovery studies guide the choice of proteins in the custom panel. The measurements are performed with unprecedented speed and throughput at Biognosys’ state-of-the-art facility, the world’s largest high-end GCP-compliant mass spectrometry laboratory.