Biognosys is the world leader in the application of next-generation proteomics solutions to accelerate your research and drug development timelines.


Biognosys’ proteomics technology and expertise can be applied in two ways:  

Discovery Proteomics – Profile and compare global proteomic changes in cell, tissue, or fluid samples, to reveal biological mechanisms, identify novel targets and biomarkers.

Targeted Proteomics – Precision quantification of specific proteins of interest for target or biomarker validation.


Both approaches provide high-precision data, quantification of changes in protein expression, post-translational modifications, and structural changes, all with state-of-the-art depth and reproducibility.

Our proteomics solutions work across all types of biological samples, species, and disease indications.

No matter what stage of research or drug development, our Discovery and Targeted Proteomics will give you the key functional insights you need to move forwards.

Here you will find examples of the most common applications of our proteomics platforms.


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