Robert Moritz, Ruedi Aebersold, Leroy Hood and Biognosys publish work on SRMAtlas in Cell

We are happy to announce that Biognosys was involved in the development of the human SRMAtlas, a collection of proteomic assays for any human protein.

This pivotal study recently published in journal Cell is a collaborative effort from leading scientists and institutes in the systems biology and proteomics field including Robert Moritz and Leroy Hood from Institute of Systems Biology and Ruedi Aebersold from ETH Zurich.

The Human SRMAtlas provides over 150’000 highly specific MRM (also called SRM) mass spectrometry assays for the targeted identification and reproducible quantification of virtually any protein in the predicted human proteome that can be measured by a mass spectrometer. These assays are freely available and directly compatible with Biognosys’ SpectroDive software for MRM measurements. Biognosys' iRT kit was used to assign iRT values to each assay, which enables much higher multiplexing by accurate prediction of retention times.

The importance of the work relies in the scale of the atlas, which covers every known protein in the human proteome with validated data from synthetic peptides. We have recently published methods for development of large scale assay libraries directly from samples without the need for synthetic peptides (Bruderer et al). The SRMAtlas assays enable the independent validation of such sample generated assays.

This is yet another milestone in the field of proteomics that is looking to develop tools for identification and quantification of complete proteomes, following the footsteps of the Human Genome Project in genomics research. Together the two fields already have an enormous impact on life science research and are expected to be at the forefront of the developments of personalized medicine.

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