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The Essentials of Multiomics


John L Marshall, Beth N Peshkin, Takayuki Yoshino, Jakob Vowinckel, Håvard E Danielsen, Gerry Melino, Ioannis Tsamardinos, Christian Haudenschild, David J Kerr, Carlos Sampaio, Sun Young Rha, Kevin T FitzGerald, Eric C Holland, David Gallagher, Jesus Garcia-Foncillas, Hartmut Juhl. The Oncologist.

Within the last decade, the science of molecular testing has evolved from single gene and single protein analysis to broad molecular profiling as a standard of care, quickly transitioning from research to practice. Terms such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, circulating omics, and artificial intelligence are now commonplace, and this rapid evolution has left us with a significant knowledge gap within the medical community. In this paper, we attempt to bridge that gap and prepare the physician in oncology for multiomics, a group of technologies that have gone from looming on the horizon to become a clinical reality. The era of multiomics is here, and we must prepare ourselves for this exciting new age of cancer medicine.

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