Revealing Dynamic Protein Acetylation across Subcellular Compartments - Biognosys

Revealing Dynamic Protein Acetylation across Subcellular Compartments


Baeza J, Lawton AJ, Fan J, Smallegan MJ, Lienert I, Gandhi T, Bernhardt OM, Reiter L, Denu JM. Journal of Proteome Research.

In this study, the Biognosys’ R&D team, in collaboration with researchers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, co-developed and benchmarked a DIA method to quantify acetylation stoichiometry in the cell proteome. This improved DIA method overcomes the limitations of DDA, allowing the accurate and reproducible quantification of light and heavy acetyl-lysine fragment ions. The method was benchmarked on synchronized cell lines with defined acetylation stoichiometry, providing a detailed landscape of the site-specific acetylation dynamics across cellular compartments.

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