Biomarker Discovery for Alzheimer’s Disease in Plasma and CSF

Deconvolution of Proteomic Signatures in Healthy Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer’s Disease in a Paired CSF and Plasma Study

Poster Presented at SfN 2022

Presenter: Yuehan Feng

Authors: Marco Tognetti, Christoph Messner, Roland Bruderer, Dominique Kamber, Jacqueline Darrow, Alexandra Lewis, Jakob Vowinckel, Abhay Moghekar, Lukas Reiter, Yuehan Feng
In collaboration with with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Overview: Since the genome remains invariant throughout the lifespan, it is essential to understand the effects of aging on the proteome, as proteins play an integral role in all cellular functions and mediate the effects of epigenetic alterations. At the SfN Annual Meeting we presented a study in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine on proteomic profiling of biomarker candidates for Alzheimer’s Disease in plasma and CSF with our TrueDiscovery™ platform.

Download the poster to learn more about how the quantitative proteoform map is linked to healthy and pathological aging, providing a rich resource for therapeutic target discovery.

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