QuiC - Easy to use QC monitor for main proteomics workflows

Today Biognosys announces the release of a new quality control monitoring  tool “QuiC” that generates liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometer (MS) QC readouts from raw files of various proteomics workflows (SRM/MRM, PRM, DIA, DDA) allowing researchers to track data quality and instrument  performance across multiple experiments.

LC-MS based proteomics has become the method of choice for the comprehensive identification and quantification of proteins over large sample sets. Robust and accurate quality controls (QC) during data acquisition and in between instrument maintenance are essential to ensure that high quality data with low systematic errors is collected. QuiC is a simple tool that generates QC readouts in real time which are of tremendous help for the LC-MS expert but can be interpreted also by non-mass spec experts. QuiC can be set up to regularly check folders for new raw files which can be used to continuously monitor instrument performance. A multitude of readouts are provided, the most important ones are based on the iRT peptides.

QuiC is a free tool that works together with Biognosys iRT or HRM Calibration Kits. The installer can be directly downloaded here:

To obtain a free license please visit QuiC’s homepage.

To learn more about QuiC and its features, please join our live webinar on Monday, March 13th 2017 at 4.00PM CET (10.00AM EST) presented by Dr. Lukas Reiter, Chief Technology Officer of Biognosys and Dr. Florian Marty, Product Support Manager. The webinar will also feature a Q&A session. To register for the webinar please use the following link:

If you have any questions about the QuiC please contact us at support@biognosys.com.


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