Biognosys offers a complete suite of next-generation proteomics software products, available for industry and academia:

Biognosys' Software Licensing

Biognosys is committed to making its next-generation proteomics solutions widely available to researchers. We offer flexible licensing options to best fit your personal and organizational needs:


Tiered pricing for Academic organizations, Academic Core Facilities or Non-Academic customers is available.


Bundle Pricing

We also offer Bundle pricing for the usage of multiple Biognosys software products. Request a personal meeting with us so we can find the best solution for you.


Viewer Licenses

All our proteomics software products allow you to save your analysis results in compact and fast-loading files. Because these files can only be opened with our software, we offer Viewer versions of Spectronaut, SpectroDive, and SpectroMine free of charge. Find out more here.


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