Improve the performance of your proteomics LC-MS facility with QuiC

Easy to use quality control (QC) monitor for main proteomics workflows

LC-MS based proteomics has become the method of choice for the comprehensive identification and quantification of proteins over large sample sets. However, as a highly complex analytical technique, mass spectrometry based proteomics can be subject to a large variability between runs. This can influence the accuracy and reproducibility of your results. 

To have a comprehensive overview of the performance of your LC-MS facility try QuiC, an easy to use LC-MS QC tool developed by Biognosys. QuiC enables you to monitor the QC of all your proteomics workflows over time across different vendors. This results in tremendous help for the managers and operators of LC-MS facilities to improve data quality. It generates QC readouts from raw files of Thermo Scientific™ and SCIEX mass spectrometers operating in MRM, PRM, DIA and DDA mode.

QuiC provides:

  • Management of multiple instruments
  • Folder monitoring for newly acquired raw files
  • Handling of corrupted raw files and duplicates
  • A multitude of performance indicators for MRM, PRM, DDA and DIA based on iRT peptides
  • A multitude of performance indicators for DDA and DIA based on all identifications in discovery mode
  • Automated management of instrument interventions and graphical visualization with the performance indicators
  • Intuitive visualization and customizable reporting for documentation

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QuiC enables users to judge data quality and intervene as needed to prevent sample loss, LC-MS issues and low data quality. It allows you to keep track and monitor interventions and maintenance in your LC-MS facility and have something tangible at hand when negotiating with MS vendor engineers.

To learn more about QuiC and importance of comprehensive quality control (QC) monitoring of the mass spectrometry instruments join our live webinar:

"Monitoring the performance of a Proteomics Core Facility – troubleshooting with QuiC"

Presenter: Dr. Joanna Kirkpatrick, Manager Core Facility Proteomics, Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Germany

When: 12. December 2017 at 4pm CET

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