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Sample Preparation Kit Pro


A high-throughput all-in-one sample preparation kit for mass spectrometry proteomics

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SKU: Ki-3013

Variations in sample preparation between experiments and individual samples are an enormous source of experimental bias in proteomics, especially in high-throughput applications. Since the proteomes of natural samples are extremely complex with typically 100’000s of peptides present, spanning over several orders of magnitude, it is challenging to establish a reliable method for preparing protein samples for analysis by mass spectrometry.

The Sample Preparation Kit Pro enables the high-throughput processing of 96 mammalian cell culture or plasma samples for all mass spectrometry proteomics measurements (SRM/MRM, PRM, HRM, shotgun). The protocols include all steps in the sample preparation workflow, from protein denaturation to C18 clean-up, and deliver ready to inject samples.

Sample Preparation Kit Pro components
Alkylation Solution (2x 10 ml tube)
Reduction Stock Solution (2x 0.5 ml tube)
LC Solution (4x 10 ml tube)
10x Dilution Buffer (2x 10 ml tube)
Denature Buffer (2x 10 ml tube)
96-well MACROSpin C18 Plate (1x)
96-well collection plate (5x)
96-well plate sealer (6x)
The kit components are sufficient for 96 plasma or 96 mammalian cell culture sample preparations to be made at once. It requires 10 µl per sample of plasma/serum or mammalian cell culture pellets with at least 100 µg of total protein per sample. The kit is designed to be used in 2 batches of 48 samples each.

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