New standardized proteomics discovery service for tissue and cell culture

Today we launch Proteome-SEQ™ - a comprehensive standardized discovery service for quantification of 1’000s of proteins in parallel across multiple samples.  The service addresses research questions where identification of protein expression differences against the backdrop of the whole measurable proteome is important. Examples for applications are drug target discovery and biomarker development.

Proteome-SEQ™ is based on the next generation proteomics Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) technology. The key to quantitative precisions are virtual assays, i.e. accurate “peptide fingerprints”, that are used for identification and quantification of potentially every protein that can be detected. For its Proteome-SEQ™ service Biognosys has developed large optimized assay libraries for selected sample types that can be directly screened for deep proteome coverage and shortest project turnaround time.

An example of an HRM application in a liver toxicity study is also published in the latest issue of the GEN Magazine.


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