New Spectronaut™ Pulsar from Biognosys enables spectral library free DIA

It begins now. The new era in proteomics.

Today Biognosys is excited to announce the release of its next generation proteomics software Spectronaut™ Pulsar

Spectronaut™ Pulsar is a data-independent acquisition (DIA) analysis software with an integrated database search engine called Pulsar that enables a spectral-library free DIA workflow called directDIA™.

Spectronaut™ Pulsar also supports targeted analysis of DIA data using spectral libraries (Hyper Reaction Monitoring - HRM™). 

More information is available:

Spectronaut™ Pulsar that enables directDIA™ is available as commercial software. We will continue to offer a Spectronaut™ version without the Pulsar search engine to qualified academic researchers in support of the academic community.

We are also happy to announce that many visitors took our proteomics quiz in the past weeks. Among the ones who got all five questions right, we drew one lucky winner:

Hua Liao, Takeda, USA

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If you have any questions about Spectronaut™ Pulsar or directDIA™ please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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