New publication shows DIA workflow outperforming DDA

We would like to announce today a new publication from the Biognosys R&D team and its collaborators published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics under the title “Heralds of parallel MS: Data-independent acquisition surpassing sequential identification of data dependent acquisition in proteomics.

The latest study focuses on implementation of data-independent acquisition (DIA) using its parallel acquisition nature that surpasses the serial limitation of data-dependent acquisition (DDA) on a quadrupole ultra-high field Orbitrap mass spectrometer. In deep single shot DIA, highly reproducible quantification was achieved for over 7,500 proteins in human cell lines and 9,000 proteins in mouse tissues, with fewer than 2.5% missing protein quantities and median coefficients of variation of down to 5% among technical replicates. The power of this DIA approach was exemplified in the profiling of the development of the murine somatosensory cortex 1 barrel field brain region.

The publication is available on the Molecular & Cellular Proteomics journal homepage (click here).

Enjoy reading!

Note (13 June 2017): This article is currently being reworked to comply with MCP’s publication guidelines which are in the progress of being established for DIA experiments. The decision was made post-publication by the MCP editorial board and authors of the article.


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